Can You Remove Asbestos By Yourself?

Asbestos removal Perth service is one of the most expensive asbestos work in Australia. Many of you are probably thinking to remove it by your own. But, can you do that? Is it legal for you to do it? Always remember that you still must follow the applicable regulation when you want to remove asbestos by yourself. Mishandling them can cause you a lot more money than hiring a contractor itself. That is why you must be extra careful when you want to handle asbestos product.

Can You Remove Asbestos By Yourself

Home owners are often feeling so heavy when they found out about the existence of asbestos products in their houses. Asbestos has a serious effect on health. It can lead to severe illness including mesothelioma and asbestosis. Not to mention lung diseases like a lung cancer that can affect anyone who inhales the asbestos dust. This type of cancer caused by asbestos is often fatal. That is why it will be safer when you hire a professional contractor to deliver the job for you.

Handling asbestos can be so tricky. You must prepare so many things in order to get it right. First you have to find out how to remove it properly. Then, you must train yourself to perform it in the right way. But before you can uninstall asbestos product from your house, you must prepare all tools and equipment needed for the job. And again, all of the preparation must follow the applicable regulation.

You are allowed to remove non-friable asbestos by yourself for only 10 square metres. Apart from that you must hire a professional contractor to do it. Especially when it comes to friable asbestos product, only a licensed contractor can remove it legally no matter the size is.

There are few things you must pay your attention to when you are about to handle an asbestos product. What are they?

Federal Requirements

According to the government, it is better to leave asbestos product undisturbed than removing it. This is because undisturbed or undamaged asbestos will never pose a health risk. However, it is best for home owners to remove it. We will never know when will the existed asbestos product gets weathered or damaged. There will always be higher chances of getting the risk when you still own the hazardous product in your house.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does strongly recommend home owners to remove asbestos product with the assistance of professional contractor. This is to avoid further contamination of asbestos dust. Bacause, as discussed above, it is really dangerous if anyone inhales the asbestos fibres.

Local Legalities

There might be different regulations about asbestos removal in every city. However, the Government of Australia has decided to limit the self-removal of asbestos for homeowners.  You can only remove 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos. Further more, you must take care of the disposal later. Asbestos waste can only be disposed in the legal landfill.

That’s why removing asbestos by yourself can be more difficult sometimes. Because you must dispose asbestos waste properly by taking them safely to the legal landfill. You are strictly prohibited to dump it in your regular garbage bin. This is because you might put anyone at risk from getting exposed to asbestos dust.

Pay attention to these things when you are about to remove asbestos by yourself:

  • Residential Only:  Do it yourself asbestos removal is limited to residential purposes only.  If the build is a commercial property, a certified assessor must deliver the work.
  • Single Family:  To prevent further contamination, self-removal is advised to be performed in single family residences only, such as houses, detached garages, mobile homes, houseboats, and mother in law or detached guest houses.  This self-work is dangerous to be performed in multiple-family units (i.e. apartment, condominium, duplex, etc.), nor mixed-use structures and buildings which consist of a residential unit.
  • Permits Required: You have to get permission from the local council to do the demolition work on your building. One of the components of this demolition permit is the asbestos removal.  Get more information about the permission to the local council.
  • Proper Disposal: As mentioned above, you are prohibited to dump asbestos in your home garbage bin. You must take the contaminated materials to an approved facility. Harmful materials contained with as little as 1% asbestos must go to an approved waste area.